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Covid Vietnan

Investment of 2 billion euros in vaccines, 60 million in vaccines and 300 million in Covid tests for Vietnam,

A Vietnamese company Mekolor Joint Stock Company, in partnership with the company GOE Engenharias, are working together to implement a large investment in Vietnam, a place where the destructive potential of the virus. Through the Swiss company IMMOBILIEN, millions of vaccines and covid trials have been funded for Vietnam.

Funding is around 2 billion euros and around 30 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, 30 million doses from Pfizer and 300 million covid tests will be shipped to Vietnam.

In this way, the investment treated by the companies is of great value in facing the disease that is plaguing the country. The arrival of vaccines is near, as the resources to promote free doses to the population have already been credited to the State Bank of Vietnam.

Vietnamese company Mekolor promotes economic development in several areas of the country. In this way, numerous fronts benefit from these investments and actions, with a focus on culture, education, transport, health, infrastructure, logistics, trade, agriculture and other spheres of society.

The founder of Mekolor, Mr. Vo Xuan Truong, in partnership with other investors, such as the CEO of GOE Engenharias, Carla Maia, understands the importance of investments to help the country fight covid19. They are strategies to respond to the difficulties faced by the Vietnamese.

It is worth highlighting the advantages for the region in relation to these investments, as in the long term, it encompasses development projects in the areas of health, taking into account the digital awakening experienced by the world, thus boosting the country’s economic growth.

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